The Best of Shanghai

“What will people think?”  Most of us move around in society motivated by association with other human beings.  We dress ourselves for the eyes of others.  We modify our behavior to be acceptable to others.  We often even quantify our worth by the impact we have on our world.  What do we do for ourselves?

For most of us, we hope to come to a balance of acting for our own benefit while simultaneously doing what we think will be accepted by or what will benefit others.  Enter:  ‘Umbrella Man’.  We don’t know his name or his background.  We only know him as the man who walks by our apartment every morning between 8:20 and 8:30 bobbing his umbrella up and down while singing out to his public in a voice that can be heard from a block away.  “Here he comes!”  My husband usually hears him first.  We run to the balcony to watch and listen as he passes.  His voice rises above the cacophony of horns, screeching brakes, and bus engines.

Many people roll their eyes at the ‘crazy man’ and the Chinese staff members of our apartment complex show surprise when we mention him.  “You like him?” they ask incredulously.  We love him.  He makes our day.  Not only do we enjoy the melodious flow of his voice, but we admire his sense of freedom and pleasure as he struts down the street.  We are sure that we cannot be the only ones who benefit from his carefree singing.  In fact, he is serious about it.  He leaves his lane every morning at 7:30, returning at 8:30.  He usually wears black velveteen pants, white gloves, and a baseball cap.  He has a metal contraption of some sort strapped around his waist with a cord that sends the music to an earphone in his ear.  He refuses to be interrupted by any obstacles or attempts at communication.  He looks straight ahead.  He sings without pause.  He bellows with confidence.

As I watch him, I wonder why.  Why does he do this every day in all kinds of weather?  Is he pleasing himself?  Is he trying to bring the pleasure of his voice to the masses?  Does he know that he pleases us and quite possibly others?  Is he showing off?

Then I wonder if it matters why.  Or even if it matters whether or not he knows that we await his cadences on a daily basis.  He alone knows why.  He does what he does and we appreciate his efforts without applause or cheers.  He is there and we are here.  My only hope is that I might be able to do what I do because I enjoy doing it and, simultaneously, have an impact on others while I am going about my business of enjoying the simple pleasures of life.  One of those pleasures is hearing the Umbrella Man every morning.

Umbrella Man

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Protected: Communications Annual Report 2009

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Getting to Know You… Pam G. QoY 2010

Pam G. joined Quota in 2008. Her favorite snack is popcorn which she enjoys while watching “Thomas Crown Affair”.

Pam was asked is she has ever had something wrapped in her freezer and couldn’t figure out what it was? She said no.

Pam finished the following sentence: Just for the fun of it, before she dies she would like to…   Travel the world and hike mountains

Pam was asked: which would be better? Never having your computer crash again or never having your car break down again?  Pam thought this was a tough choice but chose her car, since her computer is not backed up.

What if what if aliens offered Pam a ride in their spaceship?  She thinks that would be “Cool!”

What is a phrase Pam over-uses? “I guess…”

Thanks to Pam G. for sharing a little bit about yourself and CONGRATULATIONS to our 2010 Quotarian of the Year!!!

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Quota Quick Update – April 2010

Quota Quick Update – 21 April 2010








The Quota fiscal year comes to an end on April 30, and around the world clubs and districts are celebrating the success of outgoing leaders. President Rosemary adds to these celebrations with her own special thanks to leaders. Are you thinking about attending your district conference or Convention 2010? President Rosemary offers some powerful persuasion! Read President Rosemary’s latest message on; click the “President’s Message” link.



Be a Quota “Early Bird” and register for Convention 2010 by May 1. Being early pays dividends. Not only will you save money on your registration, your name will be entered in our drawing for one of three Can. $100 shopping sprees in Vancouver ! Are you feeling lucky? Register today! Convention 2010 planning information is located on; click the “Convention 2010 Plans” link for complete information and a registration form you can print.



Quota International has been a partner with the United Nations in addressing worldwide societal goals since the U.N.’s formation in 1945. Today, Quota is a non-governmental organization (NGO) member of the United Nations Association of the United States of America ‘s (U.N.A.-U.S.A.) Council of Organizations. You can benefit from our partnership by signing up for a free e-newsletter, the WORLD BULLETIN, published twice monthly, which features articles on the day-to-day workings of the United Nations. Copy and paste this link into your browser to sign up:



Quota International ’s  Facebook page ( is growing more popular by the week! Consider joining the 345 members who currently connect on-line, sharing news and meeting new friends from other clubs and countries; search Quota International , Inc. Or, receive Quota International ’s latest Tweets on Twitter (, where we are sharing news and information; just search our username, QuotaIntl. And now you can join our Quota International LinkedIn group; search the name Quota International in LinkedIn groups. We now have handy Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn icons on our home page. We are making it easier for you to stop by and visit often!


Occasional QUOTA QUICK UPDATES are sent to members with e-mail addresses in the Quota International membership database. At no time is e-mail information sold or loaned to other organizations. To delete, change, or add an e-mail address in this database, please contact

This QUOTA QUICK UPDATE was written by Nancy Fitzpatrick , Deputy Executive Director / / 202.331.9694.

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Shawnee Park Courtyard Clean up

Join us in beautifying the courtyard. Let Cathy K know if you can make it! Click here for more information.

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Shawnee Park Garden – Dig It!

Join us for our Annual Spring Garden Clean up Day at Shawnee Park School’s Courtyard Garden! Saturday, May 8, from 9 am to 12 noon…rain or shine! Bring your gloves, weeders, diggers, rakes and shovels…refreshments and fun provided!
Let Cathy K know if you can be there.

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Cool Cats update

We have more classroom visit dates scheduled. If you are interested in seeing the Cool Cats in their learning environment (or checking on the terrarium while you’re there) please let Emily know one week before the scheduled visit. The dates are:

April 26th

May 17th, 25th, or 27th

It is best to visit the classroom between 11:50am-2:30pm. Emily will send you direction and the classroom schedule (they move around between three different portables). They would love to have more of us visit! They love their Quota ladies.

Another date to put on your calendar is the Shawnee Park Spring Program. It is May 20th at 7pm. Our evening meeting will be shortened to allow us to get over to the school to see this wonderful program. Check our events on the main blog page for more information or email Emily for more info.

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Kathy’s birthday

Happy Birthday Kathy!

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Fin/Fun April 2010 update

Thanks to all the members who attended the March meeting and signed up to lead or help with various fundraising projects.  The results were discussed at the April board meeting and we have an exciting plan for the upcoming year. You will hear more about our proposed projects at the installation dinner so be sure to attend.  The fundraising projects we will be supporting are the Walk to End Silence, a Barnes & Noble event, a holiday shopping extravaganza, district sales, and of course your personal donations. We have leaders and participants for each of these events. I look forward to everyone’s active participation and support.

Our treasurers are busy working on the budgets for next year.  Stay tuned….

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Getting to Know… our 2010 QoY

I just realized that our next Getting to Know You should be our Quotarian of the Year for 2010.  It will be published on the blog after the Installation Banquet. We don’t want to spoil any surprises!!! You’ll have to wait and see who it could be…

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