Protected: November 2009 Meeting Minutes

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Protected: October 2009 Meeting Minutes

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HLA’s Walk4Hearing

HLA’s Walk4Hearing: Click here to register

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Metro Health Campus
5900 Byron Center Ave SW
Wyoming, MI

1pm – Registration/Check-in
2pm – Walk begins
Distance: 5K (3.1 miles)

Walk Chairs:
Bill Waring / Chris Jacques

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District 20 Newsletter -February 2010

Click the following link to read the District 20 Newsletter for February 2010.


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Nomination slate of officers 2010-2011

President—One Year Term

* Emily Uebbing

President Elect—One Year Term

* Pat Cook

Recording Secretary—One Year Term

* Kath Slagal

Treasurer – General Fund—One Year Term

* Phyllis Zimmerman

2 Directors – 2 year term

* Jan Gauthier

* Sarah Glover

Directors –completing 2nd year of 2-yr term

* Pam Goebel

* Peggy Bishop

* Name ___________________ Position _________________

* Name ___________________  Position _________________

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District 20 Conference -Flint, 2010

Join us for our annual Conference hosted this year by Flint. Click the link for more information.

2010 Conference information

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Nominating Committee February 2010

The nominating committee has been busy creating a great slate for the 2010-2011 board of directors. The slate will be distributed via Email and the blog in early March. Be sure to join us at the March meeting to vote and at the April installation banquet to cheer on our new board of directors.

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Fin/Fun committee report February 2010

Our committee will be meeting after the February club meeting to review fundraising possibilities for the upcoming year. Our budget will be based on what the club decides for service projects at the February meeting. Your input is vital to the future of the club so please be sure to join us for the February and March meetings. If you have any fundraising ideas, please submit them to Peggy Bishop at by March 1, 2010.

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Service Committee Update- February 2010

The Service Committee awarded grants to DHHS in January totaling $1,033.45 to purchase hearing equipment for nine individuals.

We have elected to send this year’s Quota International Club to Club donation of $500 to the Quota Club of Mandaue, The Philippines, to assist in funding a vocational training program for hearing impaired students. There are some great photos of these kids on the QI website!

Kath Slagal is putting the finishing touches on the Quota Legacy Scholarship to be awarded through Grand Rapids Community College. We are still determining the amount, and requirements for students to receive the grant. We hope to make this available yet this fiscal year.

We have received requests from DHHS for hearing equipment for three individuals totaling $610.75, and as the committee approves these, we will request a check.

We are planning to determine upcoming projects by hosting an informal and fun sign up session at the next meeting on February 18.  “Who Wants to be a Quillionaire” will solicit input from members regarding which projects they support and which projects they personally would like to implement.

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Communications Update – February 2010


In Fall, 2009, members were invited on a “Treasure Hunt“.  If you’ll recall, the invitation was to “join us in a Treasure Hunt that will take you to the far reaches of…….The Blog!”

Several members participated and scored points by commenting on existing posts, by creating their own new posts, and by entering tags and categories on the posts they created.

Fabulous treasures await the winners ………at the February 18, 2010 Quota meeting.


Our thanks to Joyce for taking photographs at the January membership event!  You can see some of the photos in the Membership update for February 2010.


An email was sent to all Quotarians providing “Q-Star” Step by Step instructions for signing onto the blog.  Just as “On-Star” provides guidance to motorists, Q-Star can provide guidance in navigating our website.


Committee chairs were provided a schedule of the dates to post their updates to the Blog:  each committee should post something between the 5th and the 11th of the month.  (Since we’re just getting started on this, the deadline for February has been extended to the 15th.)

The purpose of these committee updates is to make sure that we post all club and committee activities to the Blog so that members can stay up to date on what’s going on.   These updates take the place of our newsletter.  Chairs should mark at least 2 categories:  the “newsletter” category, and their committee name category.  Also mark others that apply.

We hope you’re having fun, and if it’s not fun, holler, and we can provide some coaching!

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