Rosemary Scott

Rosemary Scott

Diane Friar sent me this very interesting speech made by our own Rosemary Scott on February 23, 1995. As most of your know, Rosemary broke many barriers as one of the first women lawyers in Grand Rapids. Whether you knew her or not, I think you will find her speech to be very interesting. And it provides a side to Rosemary that we didn’t always see.

Thanks for sharing this, Diane!

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Quotations – December 2009 (last issue)

Click on the following link to read the last issue of Quotations.

Quotations December 2009

Thanks to Robin for all her hard work and dedication to the Quotation!

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District 20 Newsletter

Click the link to read District 20’s November/December Newsletter.


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Pat’s trip to Hong Kong

Pat may get around to writing something, but for now enjoy her pictures from their trip to Hong Kong!


Here is what Pat has to say about her photos:

The Big Buddha

Nihao from China!

Here is just a bit of background about the pictures of that Big Buddha I saw in Hong Kong.  First of all, for those who are not familiar with Hong Kong (as I was not before going there), it actually includes a group of small islands that are very close together.  They are also quite mountainous which is why you see so many building clusters.

On Lantau Island, you can go up in a cable car (or you can walk like the people we saw on the trail below the cable car) until you get to a small touristy village.  From there you can walk to the Big Buddha where you can become enthralled!

The Buddha is called Tian Tan Buddha because it is the Altar of Heaven.  Tian means sky/heaven in Chinese. The altar is patterned after the Temple of Heaven in Beijing.  This Buddha is one of five large statues in China.  It is made of bronze and was finished in 1993.  It shows the harmonious relationship between man and nature and the raised hand signifies the removal of affliction.  The Buddha is 34 meters (110’) high.  You must climb 268 steps to get up to the lotus base that surrounds it.  The six devas at the base are offering flowers, incense, a lamp, fruit, ointment, and music to the Buddha. It was really quite a fantastic thing to see.

The pictures in Hong Kong are on the other islands.  The buildings at night are on Hong Kong Island looking out from Kowloon across Victoria Bay.  They look at Victoria Peak and the many banks, hotels, and office buildings across the bay.  The bay has been shrinking through the years because they have been filling it in with dirt for more buildings to be built.  I wonder if the talks about saving energy should start here—I have never seen so many lights!  And the Christmas lights are not even on yet!

Oh, another note—the coils are all incense burning in a small temple and the trees growing “out of the stone” are banyan trees and those are their roots hanging down like Spanish moss.

Has anyone ever seen the movie, The World of Susie Wang? It’s an old William Holden/Nancy Kwan classic filmed in Hong Kong. We watched it before we left and it really made us appreciate the sights a bit more. It gives a good idea of the masses of people in HK (all of China).  We saw the hotel where much of the movie was filmed—it is where the Steelcase office is. The friends we visited there happen to be from East Grand Rapids.

Enjoy the photos!


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Quota Quick Update from International

Quota Quick Update – 17 November 2009

The QUOTA QUICK UPDATE is an occasional e-newsletter for members of Quota International .


1. New President’s Web Message Published

2. 2009 Volunteer of the Year Nominees Profiled On-Line

3. View our NEW Convention 2010 Promo Video…On-LINE!

4. Last Call

5. FYI – We Sent Your Club President….


1. New President’s Web Message Published

President Rosemary Hannie, a native of Cajun Country— Louisiana , U.S.A. , shares her special recipe for one of her favorite dishes—Gumbo, Quota Style! Read President Rosemary’s message and learn how “cooking your own Gumbo pot” can result in growing Quota! Visit and click the “President’s Message” link under the “Quota Express.”


2. 2009 Volunteer of the Year Nominees Profiled On-Line

In 2009, thirty-four Quota clubs clubs selected an exceptional member to receive the We Share Foundation’s Volunteer of the Year Award. Every year, clubs are given the opportunity to select, based on their own criteria, one member who truly exemplifies Quota caring. Members chosen have outstanding Quota service achievements or an outstanding ability to share the spirit of Quota volunteerism with their community. To learn more about each 2009 winner, visit, click the “Quota Headlines” link, and then the link for the 2009 Volunteers of the Year.


3. View our NEW Convention 2010 Promo “YouTube” Video…On-Line!

Enjoy our new Convention 2010 promotional video now published on our Convention 2010 Web site. Created by Past District 21 Governor Vicki Miller, you’ll learn all the reasons why you’ll want to be in Vancouver beginning July 2, 2010! It’s SIMPLE to view the video; visit, click the 2010 Plans Link under the “What’s New” heading, then click the video button OR click this link (or copy and paste this link into your browser):


4. Last Call

*November 30, 2009 – Last day that 2010 Board of Director nomination forms can be received at the Quota International Office in Washington , D.C. , U.S.A.

*December 1, 2009 – Last day that bylaw proposals can be received at the Quota International Office in Washington , D.C. , U.S.A. All proposals received will be considered by the Bylaws Committee at their meeting scheduled for February 2010


5. FYI – We Sent Your Club President….

…a special communication with links to new Quota Cares Month public relations tools and resources. YOU are invited to check out our new materials and tools on-line at Click the “Quota Cares Month PR Tools and Resources” link under “What’s New.”


Occasional QUOTA QUICK UPDATES are sent to members with e-mail addresses in the Quota International membership database. At no time is e-mail information sold or loaned to other organizations. To delete, change, or add an e-mail address in this database, please contact Membership Services Manager Alison Benefico at

This QUOTA QUICK UPDATE was written by Nancy Fitzpatrick ,

Deputy Executive Director / / 202.331.9694

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Santa’s Helpers

Ho Ho Ho!

It’s time for Santa’s Quotarian Helpers to get to the workshop and select special gifts for our special DHHS Clients.

Deb Buckley is planning a Holiday Lunch for DHHS Clients on December 8.

Listed below is a Wish List of gift items for 16 clients, with a few more expected. (Suggested price range up to $25.00)

Please select a client and be his/her Secret Santa by putting together a gift bag. You may even want to shop with another Quotarian and assemble gifts for more than one client. We will be collecting gifts and cash donations at the Quota Holiday party on December 3.

Let Cathy Kaiser know ( or 363-2806) which client(s) you would like to adopt – so that we can make sure everyone gets their wish….

Thank you for your generosity!

Update 11/19/09 — a couple of these folks are still available for you to adopt.  The individuals’ lists have been marked “available”.  Please adopt today!

1. Male

Pants- 30×30 Black

Shoes-size 12 black

Shirt- Medium

(this young man needs clothes)

2. Female

Socks – white ankle

Craft-any kind

Hat for winter

3. Female



Red hat, scarf, gloves

4.  Male

Cap (yellow Michigan


DVD – Fast & Furious

5.  Female – AVAILABLE

A silver loop pierce earrings

Coconut bon bon

Homemade peanut butter fudge

6. Female

Body Lotion

Earrings or necklace

Winter hat or Scarf

7.  Male

Yellow T-shirt size xxxxL (no pictures, just plain)

Word Search Book

Sack with a draw string to close it and it has thin shoulder straps attached to it. (like a backpack that’s popular with teenagers)

8.  Male

Star Trek DVD (Newest edition)

Detroit Lions T-shirt size L (Stafford #8 on back)

9.  Female – AVAILABLE

Bra – 44D

Sheets for Twin bed


10.  Male

Sweater – Med

Shoes size 8 Adidas


(this young man needs clothes)

11.  Male

Batteries – AAA (he really use a lot of batteries for his games)

Lottery Ticket

Gift Card from Meijer

12.  Male

Gift Card from Michaels

(He’s into crafts, scrapbooking)

13.  Male – AVAILABLE

DVD (he likes funny movies, see if you can find the newest Disney movie)

Gloves – brown

Winter scarf-plaid

14.  Female – AVAILABLE

Purse – Tan color

Boots- size 7 ½ Tan color

T-Shirts or pull over blouse, pretty, size L

15.  Female

Blouse – w/front buttons, size 2x

Slacks – size 18 Navy

Crocket Book (see if you can find the newest crochet book)

16.  Female

Sweater for winter –  warm color, size 2xL

Pants – size 18, Navy

Shoes, white gym shoes, size 8 ½

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Holiday Invitation

It’s time for our annual Holiday party! Click on the following invitation for more details!

Holiday invite 2009

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Peggy’s White Chicken Chili

Wondering why this is called Peggy’s White Chicken Chili? It’s because it’s SO EASY that even Peggy could make it! (ha ha!)

One jar Northern Beans

One jar salsa

One can chicken

Heat all together on stove top (in pot, Peg) until warmed through. Serve in bowls with shredded cheese on top and a side of tortilla chips. (If you use low fat cheese and baked chips, this one is REALLY good for you!)

Submitted by Robin

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Getting to Know You… Phyllis

Phyllis has been a member of Quota for ten years! She was recently married and has a new last name!

Phyllis’ favorite snack is Peanut m&m’s. She enjoys eating them while watching her favorite movie, “My Fair Lady”.

Phyllis was asked if she has tried to trace her genealogy? Any interesting ancestors? What country or countries are in your heritage? She has not tried tracing her genealogy and she does not know of any interesting ancestors. Phyllis is part Irish and German.

If Phyllis bought several items at a store and discovered on her way out that she had not been charged for one of them, she would… go back, she once returned a bag of turkey lunch meat that ended up in her bag.

Phyllis was asked which would be worse? Losing someone else’s diamond ring or your own? She says someone else’s ring.

What if Phyllis had to define success? She would define it as being happy with what you have.

What’s Phyllis’ favorite exclamation? She says, “nothing that is suitable for family reading”.

Thank you Phyllis for sharing a little bit about yourself!

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