Quota Quick Update

Quota Quick Update – 28 October 2009

The QUOTA QUICK UPDATE is an occasional e-newsletter for members of Quota International .


1.   Quota Welcomes New Branch in Australia

2.   Quota’s 2009-2010 Governors On-Line

3.   2009 Excellence Award Winners Profiled On-Line

4.   Plan Your Quota Cruise Of A Lifetime!

5.   Have You Visited The Quota Express Lately?


Quota Welcomes New Branch in Australia

Thanks to members of District 40 and Quota International of Thuringowa, the club’s Ingham Branch is now operating. To view the latest new clubs and branches, visit and click the “New Branches and Clubs” link.


Quota’s 2009-2010 Governors On-Line

Meet Quota International ‘s dedicated network of 2009-2010 district governors on-line at Click the “2009-2010 District Governors” link under “What’s New.”


2009 Excellence Award Winners Profiled On-Line

2009 Excellence Award-winning stories, photographs, and applications have been published on the We Share Foundation Web site. Read wonderful stories of membership, service, publicity, fund-raising, and “fellowship and fun” success and get great ideas that you might enjoy trying in your club! To view winning stories, visit the We Share Foundation Web site at  Click the “Excellence Awards” link, then 2009 projects.


Plan Your Quota Cruise of a Lifetime!

Details about Quota’s Ultimate Alaska Adventure Cruise, which will take place after Quota’s 2010 Convention in Vancouver , have been added to our Web site. To learn more about this week-long cruise with Quota friends through Alaska ’s Inside Passage AND all the tours planned around Vancouver Quota’s 86th convention, July 2-5, 2010, visit our convention web page at Click on “2010 Convention Plans” under “What’s New” then “Tours.”

Please note that if you book the Alaska cruise by January 15, you will receive a cabin upgrade and a $100 per cabin ship board credit. In addition, this just in—for one week only, November 6–14, 2009, our cruise consultant is holding a Holland America Line sale! They are offering a reduced deposit and extra ship board credits for all Holland America cruises booked during this time. This sale week offer is combinable with Quota’s group offer, so it is a great opportunity for Quota members.

On-line registration for all convention tours is open now to help you begin planning your Vancouver Convention 2010 experience! To learn more about Convention 2010 and for details on booking your cruise or other convention tours, go to our convention Web page at Click on “2010 Convention Plans” under “What’s New.”


Have You Visited the Quota Express Lately?

Quota’s new Web magazine, the Quota Express, is a hit! More and more clubs are sharing their news and photographs on our new “Quota Photo Gallery” and “Club News Message Board” and honoring the memory of special Quotarians (and Quota friends) on our “In Memoriam” message board. Please do take time to share your club news and photos, too! It’s easy to do: just use our special password (quotamember) and you can upload the latest from your club. Visit the Quota Express on


Occasional QUOTA QUICK UPDATES are sent to members with e-mail addresses in the Quota International membership database. At no time is e-mail information sold or loaned to other organizations. To delete, change, or add an e-mail address in this database, please contact Membership Services Manager Alison Benefico at

This QUOTA QUICK UPDATE was written by Nancy Fitzpatrick , Deputy Executive Director /, and Christy Herz , Foundation and Convention Manager / / 202.331.9694.

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Protected: Quotations November 2009 edition

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Mandarin Orange Cake

1 Box yellow cake mix (with pudding in mix)

1 stick butter

1/3 cup oil

3 eggs

1 can (11oz) mandarin oranges – juice and all

Beat above well and pour into greased and floured pan or pans if doing layers. Bake 25 minutes at 350 degrees


1 can (20 oz) crushed pineapple, juice and all, mix with 1 pkg (3-3/4oz.) instant pudding (vanilla) DO NOT COOK. Beat until thick and fold in 1 pkg cool whip (don’t whip).

Spread on top or if doing layer cake, put between layers and on top. Refrigerate


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Pat’s trip to Korea

We went to Seoul, South Korea for a very short visit—just a day. What we saw filled us with both sadness and admiration.

Saturday morning we embarked on a tour of the DMZ.

I did so with much trepidation, but am glad we went. I had all kinds of opinions—many misconceptions—of US involvement in the country of Korea. It is evident, though, that the South Korean people are grateful to Americans for their help in the Korean War.

The DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) divides the Korean Peninsula in half on the 38th parallel. It is 151 kilometers long and 4 kilometers wide (2 K on each side of the line). Without human intervention, the DMZ has become a refuge teeming with wildlife. When you look at the lakes and rivers in Korea, the first thing that is apparent is the lack of boats. The bodies of water that I saw were pristine and blue.

The DMZ was formed in 1953 at the end of the Korean War. There was never a peace treaty—just an armistice—so it remains fortified; in fact, it is the most fortified border in the world. That being said, there has not been activity to match that distinction. There have been incidents and shootings, but nothing of note since 2006. What surprised me was that the North Koreans have been planning attacks even though the war supposedly ended. As late as 1990, the South Koreans found a tunnel that was being dug for underground attack to Seoul! Four of them have been found coming from different places along the border. The third one that was found is open to tourists. We walked through part of it. It is very scary to think that while the innocent people of South Korea are going about their business of developing their society, someone is secretly planning to end their progress. It made me realize how I lived my whole life until 2001 without having to deal with that constant fear.

The sad thing to see is how much the South Koreans are hoping for and expecting reunification. Families have been divided. A week after we were there a reunion of chosen families was held and, only after having been there, did the poignancy of that event affect me. Be sure to note the sign at the railroad station about the future Transcontinental Railway. I wonder if the citizens of North Korea have similar hopes.

I know that there is a definite competitive outlook in the North. The white South Korean flag was raised and, later, the North Koreans raised their red flag to be higher than the South flag. Stories I heard about life in North Korea, however, make it sound similar to Eastern Europe when it was part of the Iron Curtain. I was in East Berlin when the wall was still up and it sounds so much the same as what I saw—very few cars and people walking around in military uniforms with no real jobs to go to. The majority of people belong to the military. That’s why we see so many people marching on the news clips!

Seoul was a very pretty, clean city. The people were friendly and there are many Americans there because of our military bases right in Seoul proper. Leather goods are the main attraction for shoppers. The food was OK, but for me, can’t compare to Chinese or Thai cooking.

After our tour, we returned to Seoul, bought a leather backpack, had a long wonderful lunch, and took a taxi to the Foreigner’s Cemetery on a hill overlooking the Han River. This was our most important mission. My husband’s mother was born in Korea to missionary parents and her mom died when she was 14 years old. (She just turned 96 a few days after we were there.) She wanted Joe Allen to visit her mother’s grave. We were so worried about not being able to find it but we got there and it was the very first one we saw! A man offered to take our picture and walked away. He came back a few minutes later and told us that this was one of the most thrilling days of his life! He was so happy to meet descendants of the Christian missionaries who changed the lives of many Koreans. It turned out that he is a pastor in Seoul and comes to visit the cemetery and adjoining church with his children whenever he can. (This was a Saturday evening.) “Mission accomplished.”

Korea remains, though, primarily a Buddhist country. While Joe Allen was working, I went to see a temple the next day and it was quite interesting. The pictures show pretty much of what I saw. Again, the people were warm and welcoming, but my time was short as we had to hurry to the airport.

It was a short, but satisfying and informative visit for us. I would love to go there and have a week stay at a temple in the mountains as many tourists do. I would love to explore the streets of Seoul as I do here in Shanghai. For now, I’ll take what I can get and enjoy it. This was one of those trips that reinforce my feelings of gratitude for my place in this world.


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Nuts to You!! (And Candy, Too!)

A reminder to all Quotarians and friends that our Koeze sale is underway.  Remember the giant pecans and the rich caramel of those Milk and Dark Chocolate Puddles?  Of course you do!  But here’s a visual, just in case………..

Milk/Dark Chocolate Puddles


Or how about some Colossal Cashews?  They’re not kidding when they say Colossal, you know!

Submit your orders to Maureen via fax, phone, email, Pony Express or cocktail napkin.

Call Maureen at 241-2601 if you have questions, or post them here.

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Pat’s trip to Thailand

We went to Bangkok on October 3 –a 4-hour flight from Shanghai.  A driver picked us up at the airport and drove us south for two and a half hours to a town on the coast called Hua Hin.  This is the place where the King of Thailand has a royal residence, so you can see ships out in the ocean that stay there to guard the coastline.  Hua Hin is a fairly typical beach resort town with hotels and shopping malls, etc.

We stayed with a friend of my husband who is from Grand Rapids–a former Steelcase employee.  He and his wife just bought two apartments on the beach for renovation and future sale.  So, we stayed in a brand new beautifully furnished apartment and had a great time.  We swam in the pool, walked on the beach, walked up the hill to a temple, and ate delicious meals on the beach under a full moon.  I splurged on a massage at the Hyatt which was an experience in pure luxury.  Indescribable!  They wouldn’t even let me take any pictures inside!

The pictures of Hua Hin speak for themselves, but there was one experience that was unforgettable.  We had a drink at the bar (the one in the pictures with the plastic palm tree) where the barmaid/owner was playing a CD of Etta James–a favorite of mine.  We sang together to “I’d Rather Go Blind” and became instant friends.  Before I left Hua Hin the next morning, a motor scooter with two women on it came up to the apartment parking lot and I was presented with a fragrant flower ‘lei’ and a bag of Thai curry pastes with handwritten recipes and many hugs and wishes to return to Thailand.  Nice people, those Thais.

Off we went to Bangkok to enjoy the sights, more delicious food, and nice people.  Again, the pictures can speak for themselves.  I, too, hope I can return to Thailand one day.  One reason is that I didn’t get to see any elephants!  Despite the heat/humidity that kept us dripping wet the whole time and the bugs on the beach, we had one of the nicest trips ever.


follow the links to see pictures


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Protected: Meeting Minutes from Sept. 17, 2009

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Helping Local Farmers

Holiday Turkey Orders

Hello Everyone,

It’s that time of year again. (not that I want to think about whats coming—–cooooold, weather!) Time to order the Holiday Turkeys!!

If you’d like to order a Thanksgiving or Christmas Turkey, I have a sign up sheet at the market, or you can send us your order via email. Just let us know if it’s for Thanksgiving, or Christmas, or both, and the approx weight you’d like your bird to be. We’ll do our best to get you a bird in the weight range you request, give or take 5lbs. I think we did pretty good getting everyone their birds within 2-3 lbs last year.

Because the price of gas and feed has come down in the past year, we have also lowered our turkey prices this year, to

Just like last year, we will again deliver the turkeys to the Fulton Street Market on the Tuesday and Wednesday market days just before Thanksgiving. These will be fresh birds (not frozen). If you have not ever tried a “fresh” turkey you are in for a treat! It’s been my experience that “fresh” birds seem to cook quicker than the frozen version. Last year we went to my parents for the holiday, they had a 13 lb bird that had been previously frozen and thawed, which wasn’t big enough for20the crow that was to be there, so we brought another “fresh” bird with us, also 13 lbs. Both were stuffed and cooked at the same time and temps in the same oven. The fresh bird was done 1 hour sooner than the one that had previously been frozen, (not to mention so much more juicer than the frozen one) I also had a 21lb bird that I cooked at Christmas that got done 2 hours sooner than I figured it should have due to it’s size. Even holding that bird on warm for over an hour, it was still very juicy. Now I’m not saying that is always going to happen, but I’m a beleiver now!

We also plan to bring about 6 extra birds with us, for those who didn’t place an order and maybe made last minute plans. If you want to pass that info on to anyone that might be interested.

The Christmas birds will probably be delivered frozen. The last market day is Dec 19th, the last Saturday before Christmas. If we get enough people that want fresh birds for Christmas, then we may do another butchering and schedule one day the week of Christmas for people to come to market to pick them up. I guess we’ll play that one by ear and see what comes up.

Thank you all, very much for your support of our farm, and that of the local small family farmer!!
Pat & Ginny Rakowski,

Rakowski Farm

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Chicago Trip

Chicago awaits!  Shopping – Museums – Shows
Just a reminder that your payment is due October 10 if you plan
on going on the bus trip November 7-8.
Be sure and notify your family and friends or anyone
who is looking for a short get-away.

If you need further information, check the last “Quotations” or contact Deb Buckley.

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