Getting to Know… Gwen

Getting to Know You… Gwen

Gwen has been in Quota since 1989. Her favorite snack is chocolate and her favorite movie is Casablanca

Gwen was asked is she has ever had a hero? What made that person a hero to you? Her hero is her neighbor Myra Kraker who died on 12/20/03 after a five year battle with pancreatic cancer. During that time she taught Gwen so much about the beauty of living and the art of dying giving Gwen the tools to fight whatever she may face. She was the first one by Gwen’s side when she broke her neck.

The one thing that someone has said to Gwen that stuck with her the longest is what her daughter once said to her; “Mom, you make words dance but numbers lay down and wave little white flags.” It reminds Gwen to do what she does best and delegate the rest.

Which would be worse? Eating a bowl of granola without milk or chewing a piece of aluminum foil? Gwen says it depends on whether or not there was chocolate in the foil!

What if you could change the legal drinking age? Gwen wisely says, age is not the issue. Learning how to be responsible is; and we too often fail to teach that anymore.

What’s Gwen’s favorite cleaning product? Baking soda.

Thanks Gwen for sharing a little bit about yourself!!!

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