Getting to know… Debra

Getting to Know… Debra!

Debra’s favorite snack is apples with peanut butter. She does not have a favorite movie but enjoys old movies with a plot!

Debra was asked if she has ever wanted time to go faster or slower? Why? She answered slower, so she can catch up with her work and enjoy life in general. (She may wish to change her answer with that cast on her foot!)

The best boss she ever had was one of her Supervisor’s who retired 3 years ago “(Stinker!)”

Debra was asked which would be worse? Driving through an area recently sprayed by a skunk or driving past a large dairy farm? She chose the recently sprayed skunk.

What if Debra could make it be any day of the week? She picked Fridays

Debra’s last question was, what is your favorite body part? She said, “huh…. hum… my eyes.”

Thanks to Debra for sharing a few things about herself!

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Protected: Minutes from May 21, 2009

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It’s A Good Week After All

We were having a busy week at our regular lives, doing what we do, attending the meetings we need to attend, making calls, doing work, seeing people.  Speaking for myself, I was pooped by Thursday at 6:45 when my meeting let out.  But I had also put on my calendar the Spring Program at Shawnee Park.  So I wrestled with my fatigue, and decided in favor of going to see our pals at Shawnee.

Was I ever glad that I did!!  The theme of the show was “All You Need Is Love”.  The program artwork is reproduced here, with the sincere hope that it’s not yet copyrighted by the artist “Gabe”.  Please take particular note of the eyelash detail on the young woman.

Each class performed a couple of songs, from the littlest ones all the way up to the Cool Cats.  Mrs. Mueller’s class began with the “Pledge of Allegiance Rap.”  It started with the Pledge of Allegiance, spoken respectfully.  Then, as a chorus, the students focused on the “liberty and justice” phrase, repeated a few times.  I have to say, the focus and repetition made me much more aware of the “Liberty and Justice – FOR ALL” portion of the pledge.  And seeing all the kids from all backgrounds and in all shapes and sizes, I knew this was a particularly meaningful phrase for them, too.  Having pledged our allegiance, we were ready for the rest of the show.

Then the little ones from Hyatt’s Class sang some old time favorites…….”Love Somebody” and “Share Your Love”.  The second is to the tune of “The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round”.  And the lyrics go something like this:

If you want to share your love, share your love, share your love

If you want to share your love………

Give a hug (verse 1)……Hold a hand (v 2) …….Give a Smile (v 3) …….and Blow a Kiss (v 4)

The final line, as you can see, is an “Action” line.  And when verse 1 wrapped up, I thought we’d lost them all when they broke formation to give each other endless hugs!  But love was the theme, so there wasn’t much concern, and the piano player played on, coaxing the kids to stay with the number.  They regrouped and got back to verses 2, 3 and 4.  But the hugs were precious!!

As Arlene’s Class did “A Little Wheel” and “We Love Food”, the paparazzi were out in force with hand-held videocams to record the action.  The second number is to the tune of “Frere Jacques” and goes something like this…..”We love chicken, we love chicken, yes we do, yes we do…….”  And there’s a little girl holding up a chicken drumstick.  The song continues with a verse dedicated to several other foods, with props for each food item and each child getting to hold up the prop for their verse: We love Soup, We love Ice Cream, Pizza, Cake, Hot Dogs, etc…..Parents strained to see their little ones on stage, waving a hand here and there to get the kid’s attention so they could smile and wave to the camera.  Once the student spotted Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, there was vigorous waving and smiles and even some hollering!  “Hi MOM!!!  Hi DAD!”  And the piano player played on………

Miss Heather’s Class sang “Love Is A Circle” with expressive hand motions to indicate that “love is a circle that goes round and round, up and down, love is on the inside trying to get out, and love is whirling and twirling about!”  They also sang “There’s a Big Red Heart” (to the tune of It’s a Small World….) and again their motions were very expressive of the “big red heart down inside of me.  It is filled to the top, it will never never stop, there’s a big red heart in me!”  Less coaxing by the piano player, and I began to be amazed that the children were adding dance to their songs.

Mrs. Vairet’s Class performed a very difficult number that you probably recognize, “Oh I Love A Rainy Night”.  They wore yellow rainhats and made good use of their polka dot umbrellas, doing a little soft shoe and umbrella twirling.   Pretty impressive.  Their second number was the all time greatest hit “I Love Trash”.  If you’ve forgotten those classic lyrics, the chorus includes:  “Ohhh I love trash, Anything dirty or dingy or dusty, Anything ragged or rotten or rusty…..O I love trash.”  And the piano player became more of an accompanist and less of a director…..

Then Mrs. Mueller’s class struck a patriotic note, reminding us how much we love America.  They performed “You’re a Grand Old Flag,” “America the Beautiful” and “God Bless America”.  They were fabulous!  We were reminded of the fine country we live in, and the opportunities for all, and somehow, the rest of the week had totally faded away and a couple of us were moved to tears by these patriotic favorites, and the red, white and blue hats, tiaras, and a lot of flag-waving.  I think it was God Bless America that featured a young soloist for one verse, with the rest of the class humming in the background.  He was outstanding!  Then they all joined in for the next verse, and they were ALL very good.

Enter the Cool Cats……clad in their special purple T-Shirts.  They performed a vocal number which is a poem written for them by Marti Larson.  The poem is beautiful.

I do my best because I have a dream.

I’m walking toward that dream of mine each day.

Practice, persevere and I’ll try again.

Dreams really do come true.

I work hard each day at what I want

To do when I am ready to move through.

I can be what I dream I wish to be.

Dreams really do come true.

To this point, it was the front of the T-Shirts that was visible. It said “I do my best because….”

And following the final line of the song, they all turned around in rhythmic formation to reveal the back, which read, “I have a dream”.

The vocal performance was extremely inspiring, and yet they went on to bring out musical instruments.  Clarinets, drums, a flute, and perhaps others I couldn’t see.  The Cool Cats performed the same number as an instrumental, and we were wowed!!

A slide show of some awesome and creative Cool Cat photography followed.  The pix depict the Cool Cats in various poses, using artistry and props, creative lighting and composition, shadows and silhouettes.  The smiling faces and powerful messages are evidence that these are very Cool Cats, indeed!

At this point in the program, I had no concept that there was any other part of my week, and all of the students and teachers assembled on stage to do a moving rendition of the Beatles’ tune, “All You Need Is Love.”  Lennon and McCartney would have been really proud if they had seen and heard it.

It’s a Good Week After All!!!!  Thank you Shawnee students, teachers, parents, accompanists and principal, Mrs. Julie Swanson.  We loved the show!

Emily, Jan, Debbie and Maureen

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Getting to know… Sue

Getting to know Sue!

Sue has been a member since 1978 with a leave for a few years. Her favorite snack is popcorn and more popcorn! She enjoys watching the “Sound of Music”.

Sue was asked if she has ever had a miracle happen to her and what was it? Her daughter’s birth -an incredible moment!

Her motivation in life is… to be the best she can be and to help as many people as she can.

Which would be worse? Finding yourself in a foreign land unable to speak the language or finding yourself alone outdoors and suddenly unable to see? Sue says that being unable to see is worse. Losing one of her senses would be very difficult.

What if her workplace put up security cameras in the restrooms? She would picket!

What is her favorite country that she would like to visit? She picked France and Germany!

Thanks to Sue for sharing a little bit about herself!

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Quota Quick Update from International


Welcome to a new issue of the Quota Quick Update. To receive this free e-newsletter, send your e-mail address to This issue contains comprehensive information that we kindly invite you to share with club members who do not have access to e-mail.

Check out the new Quota Express Web Magazine on Read the latest news and information from clubs worldwide and view new club photos just added! Report your own Quota news and upload club, district, or area photos by using the special Quota Express password (ask Emily for that password).












The mail ballots have been counted for the elections of Quota’s 2009-2010 international officers, and congratulations go to:

  • 2009-2010 President-elect Gwenn
    QI of  Monroe , Louisiana ,  U.S.A.
  • 2009-2010 Treasurer Chris
    QI of Beaudesert , Queensland , Australia
  • 2009-2011 Central Area Director Linda
    QI of  Canton , Ohio , U.S.A.
    (sole candidate; no election held)
  • 2009-2011 East Area Director Kathleen
    QI of  Charleston , West Virginia , U.S.A.
  • 2009-2011 South Pacific Area Director Karen
    QI of Beenleigh ,  Queensland , Australia

Other 2009-2010 Quota International board members will include:

  • 2009-2010 President Rosemary
    QI of  Baton Rouge , Louisiana ,  U.S.A.
  • 2008-2010 Canada Area Director Judy
    QI of  Wainwright , Alberta ,  Canada
  • 2008-2010 South Area Director Laura
    QI of Coral Springs-Parkland,  Florida , U.S.A.
  • 2008-2010 West Area Director Pattie
    QI of  Tacoma , Washington , U.S.A.

Quota International ‘s 2009-2010 Board of Directors will be installed at a ceremony in Washington , D.C. , on July 10, 2009. ************************************


The 2008-2009 fiscal year ended on April 30, and President Toddy Silkman reflects on successes and activities from the year just passed in her latest Web message. To review this new message, visit and click the “President’s Message” link on the home page (in the new Quota Express Web Magazine).



Quota International ’s We Share Foundation is pleased to unveil profiles of all 2009-2011 Club-to-Club projects, which began operating May 1, 2009. The 16 projects, a record number, are based in five developing countries: Fiji , India , Malaysia , the Philippines , and Suriname . Some projects from the previous term are continuing, now with expanded service goals to help even more people. In addition, a few new projects are starting, including an empowerment initiative through vocational training and two urgent efforts for hospitalized children in the Philippines . We suggest highlighting a project or two at each upcoming club meeting to familiarize members with all of our worthy Club-to-Club endeavors. Donations can be targeted to a specific project, or you can ask that they be targeted to the project in most need at the time of your donation. To read or print on-line profiles, visit and click the “Club-to-Club World Service” link on the home page. To learn how you can donate, click the link to donation information on that same Web page.



Quota International is pleased to announce that QI of Boca/Del Ray, Florida , U.S.A. , chartered on Friday, May 15 with 22 members. This is the fourth new club to be chartered in Quota’s South Area since August 2008! To learn more about the dividends that can be gained by organizing a new Quota club, visit and click the “Organize a Branch or Club” link.)



We are pleased to announce that the 2009 Quotarian magazine has just won the 2009 Hermes Creative Gold Award. Hermes Creative Awards is an international design competition recognizing outstanding work in the concept, writing and design of traditional and emerging media. Judges are industry professionals who look for publications that exceed a high standard of excellence. The Gold Award was presented to 18% of entries, judged to exceed the high standards of the industry norm. The We Share Foundation Web site also won a 2009 Hermes Creative Award—Honorable Mention. Press releases on all Quota International and We Share Foundation awards are located on Click the “Press Release” link.



Do you know a Quotarian you would like to acknowledge this year with an extra special thank you? Do you want to add some pizzazz to your Quotarian of the Year awards ceremony? Do you want to start the tradition of honoring a Quotarian annually? If your answer is yes, read on!

For a $50 contribution to Quota International , we will send you our CELEBRATION PACKAGE, which includes a Quota classic gold pin and a certificate suitable for framing to present to your special member.

For a $100 contribution, we will send you our SUPER CELEBRATION PACKAGE, which includes a certificate suitable for framing, a letter of congratulations from the international president, and Quota’s distinguished gold formal filigree pin for you to make your celebration super special.

As a special bonus, the name of your recipient will be listed in Quota International ’s end-of-year donations report published on the Quota International Web Site and in the Convention Notebook during convention years as having been honored by you! Won’t that be a great surprise to your special member? To learn more or order, contact or visit (click “Marketplace” to print a form that you can complete and mail or fax to us.



· June 1 is the deadline for Volunteer of the Year nominations. Every club is invited to nominate one member to receive the most prestigious member honor offered by the We Share Foundation. To learn more, visit and click the “Volunteer of the Year” link. (You may wish to purchase one of Quota’s celebration packages, described in #6, above, for your club’s Volunteer of the Year honoree!)

· June 1 is also the deadline for 2008-2009 club presidents to submit the following reports to Quota International : The Club President’s Annual Report and Incoming 2009-2010 Club Officers. Both reports can be viewed and printed on-line at Click the “For Club Presidents” link on the homepage.


Occasional QUOTA QUICK UPDATES are sent to members with e-mail addresses in the Quota International membership database. At no time is e-mail information sold or loaned to other organizations. To delete, change, or add an e-mail address in this database, please contact

This QUOTA QUICK UPDATE was written by Nancy / 202.331.9694

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District 20 Conference 2009

The 63rd Annual Conference was held in Iosco County, April 24th – April 26th.

Six Quotarians from Grand Rapids made the trek. Melissa had gone up the day before and had to leave early to make it back to GR for her husband’s graduation! Congratulations Greg!

Robin, Jan, Kath, Maureen and Emily all piled into Robin’s car. The trip flew by as fast as the conversations. Of course once we made it we had to unload the car into our hotel rooms, that was a whole other adventure!

“Watch the basket!” We managed to pile all of our stuff onto one luggage cart too!

While Kath and Maureen had a past Governor’s meeting; Jan, Robin and Emily explored Tawas. They even enjoyed a walk along the boardwalk on Lake Huron! That was the nicest day of the entire weekend.

That evening, Iosco County hosted the fun night. The theme was a sock hop/50’s.

Melissa had a nice chat with James Dean…

Jan’s jukebox played music…

we all tried the Limbo. How low can you go?

Emily won the Limbo contest! (Although rumor has it that her husband commented: as the youngest in attendance had she not won he was going to buy her a gym membership!) There was also a twist contest, a hula hoop contest -won by Melissa, a bubble gum blowing contest -won by Robin and a costume contest that Jan should have won!

Saturday morning started early with breakfast and club sales. There were lots of goodies!

We had the President’s Reports, Grand Rapids put on the best show in the house! We showed how hard we work as a club to build a strong “house” of Quota.

We had the usual business meetings all day long, with our District 20’s Brenda C. as our International Representative.

After a long day of business, it was finally time for the Banquet.

We welcomed the new officer’s during social hour

and we even welcomed Elvis!

Emily won the Vivian Ingram Award

and Kath won the Betty Hollingsworth Award!

Sunday morning brought the final club sales,

and the final reports.

Welcome to Betty the new District 20 Governor!

The Mileage trophy was awarded, along with the raffles and other awards.

We were formally invited to the next District Conference in Frankenmuth, hosted by Flint. Save the date: May 14th, 2010 and don’t be a chicken, eat the chicken in Frankenmuth! Join the fun and get to know each other better. And don’t play any games with Jan! (ask Robin)

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How Loud is Too Loud?

Levels of hearing loss

Normal Hearing: 0-20 dB

Mild Hearing loss: 20-40 dB

Moderate Hearing loss: 40-60 dB

Severe Hearing loss: 60-90 dB

Profound Hearing loss: 90-120 dB

How Loud is Too Loud:

90 Decibels: prolonged exposure to any noise above 90 dB can cause gradual hearing loss.

100 Decibels: no more than 15 minutes of unprotected exposure recommended.

110 Decibels: regular exposure of more than 1 minute risks permanent hearing loss.

Are you hurting your hearing?

0 dB -Threshold of normal hearing

20 dB -Whispered voice

40 dB -Refrigerator humming

60 dB -Normal conversation

80 dB -City traffic

90 dB -Lawn mower, Motorcycle

100 dB -Wood Shop

110 dB -Chain saw

120 dB -Snowmobiles

140 dB -Rock Concerts, Firecrackers

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Evening Meeting

Join us for our regular meeting at the Radisson. Social hour begins at 5:00pm, dinner and the meeting will begin at 5:30pm.

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Evening Meeting

Join us for our regular evening meeting at the Radisson. Social Hour begins at 5pm, dinner and the meeting begin at 5:30pm. Don’t forget to bring your Quota Anniversary pins to recycle!

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