The Cool Cats fill the terrarium

Here are the pictures of the seed planting

First we filled the terrarium with the dirt. One layer for the bottom, a base layer. The middle layer has added nutrients for the plants, and the top layer is specifically for seeds.

We didn’t pack the dirt down, we spread it out evenly.

Then we planted the lavender,

and the other plants. (I forgot what this is!)

Then we added the bright and cheerful pansies.

And finally, we watered all of our plants! “Give them lots of water! They’re thirsty.”

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The Cool Cats Terrarium Project

Emily met with the Cool Cats to determine what they wanted to plant in their terrarium. Together they created a long list of vegetables, fruits (strawberries), and flowers. Emily took the list and divided it up, and decided what would grow well in the terrarium.

Then came the shopping day! Emily, Cindy, Megan, and Faith took the Cool Cats to Fruit Basket Flowerland on Alpine.

Emily and the Cool Cats in front of the entrance to Fruit Basket Flowerland.

C.J. had to pick which strawberry plant we would plant. Decisions, decisions…

Everyone listens while the Sales Associate explains the difference between the two strawberry plants.

Everyone was assigned a plant. Then they had to find that packet of seeds.

We had to buy three kinds of dirt!

The pansies were beautiful. We could not resist the 2/$7 sale!

Checking out…

“How about we put these in a bag?”

Emily hands over the cash to complete the transaction.

Then it was time to pack everything in the cars.

We went back to the school and planted the strawberry, pansies, and lavender. The following week, Emily went back to the school to help plant the seeds.

Make sure you check back to see our progress!

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Protected: Quotations – May 2009

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Protected: Service Committee Annual Report

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G.R.O.D. Spring Program

Come out and support the Cool Cats and the G.R.O.D. program!

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Shawnee Courtyard Clean up

Join us and the Cool Cats in cleaning up the courtyard at Shawnee Park. Call Cathy if you have any questions.

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Protected: Minutes from April 2nd, last noon meeting

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2009 Quotarian of the Year!

Emily Uebbing

Quotarian of the Year

Congratulations to Emily Uebbing who was named Quotarian of the Year for 2009! The nomination committee voted and I’m sure the membership will agree. Emily is a very deserving candidate. Some of her accomplishments include:

  • Chairing the Membership committee
  • Board member
  • Incoming President Elect (Best seat in the house according to Cathy Kaiser)
  • Helped to Create and maintain our Blog
  • Started a new fund raising tradition with Lia Sophia
  • Developed our Quota Dollars Program-recognized By Central Area as an innovative program that increases member participation
  • Works with the Cool Cats to help with their classroom terrarium.

Please join me in congratulating Emily!

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Birthdays on the calendar

How convenient would it be if we could see a calendar with all of our birthdays posted on it, instead of having to check our padfolio or dig back through the newsletter? Now we can! We have our calendar and Upcoming Events posted on our main blog page. I will soon be adding birthdays! I will continue to use first names only. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Emily.

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Quota Quick Update

QUOTA QUICK UPDATE – 15 April 2009

Welcome to a new issue of the Quota Quick Update. To receive this free e-newsletter, send your e-mail address to Membership Manager Ingrid at



Today Executive Director Kathleen T. announced that a new Web magazine, the Quota Express, is now live on our Quota Web site, located at

Log on and view our new…

¨ Quota Photo Gallery – enjoy photos of Quota service and fellowship in action, and upload your own photos and stories to share!

¨ Club News Message Board – report on recent club successes and news and read what’s happening in other clubs around the world.

¨ In Memoriam Message Board – honors dedicated Quotarians who have passed away.

It’s easy to share your news and photographs on the Quota Express. Simply use the following Quota Express password to upload photos or report your news and information: Quotamember

Feel free to share this password with all members of your club. We invite every Quotarian to share their favorite Quota photographs and news stories.

Our Quota Express Web magazine also includes (and gives a new look to) Quota Headlines, the President’s Message, New Clubs and Branches, and our Quota Calendar.

The Quota Express was created entirely through donations to the Wanda Frey Joiner Development Fund, the We Share Foundation, and special designated gifts from 2008 Friends of Quota. We are grateful to all donors for their support of this special Web publication that will be enjoyed by members worldwide.

Check back often for updates and new photos!


Occasional QUOTA QUICK UPDATES are sent to members with e-mail addresses in the Quota International membership database. At no time is e-mail information sold or loaned to other organizations. To delete, change, or add an e-mail address in this database, please contact

This QUOTA QUICK UPDATE was written by Nancy / 202.331.9694

Or click here to view those photos! Make sure to share this with your friends and family!

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