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QUOTA QUICK UPDATE – 29 January 2009

Q-Mart 2009 Coming Next Week!

Quota’s 4th annual on-line silent auction begins February 6, the 90th anniversary of Quota’s founding. Browsing will begin mid-week. Watch your e-mail to find out when you can log on to view the goods.

Donations from all over the world are sure to spark your fancy! Choose from exquisite pieces of jewelry, one-of-a kind quilts, beautiful scarves, handbags and shawls, unique items for your home; and this year we are pleased to offer several getaways in the U.S., Australia, and Canada including:

  • A “Sunshine State Adventure” which includes a one night’s stay at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Tampa , Florida , U.S.A. , (must be used before August 7, 2009).

  • A “Spring Stay in Manning Valley ,” New South Wales , Australia , which includes two nights at Harrigan’s River Lodge (must be used by June 30, 2009).

  • A “2010 Rose Parade Extravaganza” with Past International President Charlotte Schamadan in Southern California, U.S.A., for a few days over the 2010 New Year’s holiday!

  • A one-week two-bedroom time share that can be used at one of thousands of vacation spots in dozens of countries around the world any time by November 2009. Visit to see where you could go!

  • A one-week vacation in a two-bedroom unit at the Historic Powhatan Resort in Williamsburg , Virginia , U.S.A. , during the week of May 4, 2009. Check-in may be May 1, 2, or 3 depending on availability.

  • A one-week vacation at Club Cranberry Golf Resort in Ontario , Canada , (two bedrooms, good only the week of October 19, 2009. Check in may be October 16, 17 or 18 depending on availability.

Find out more when Q-Mart opens for browsing next week, but we wanted to start you thinking about vacation plans now. There are good deals to be had on Q-mart!

Remember! Bidding on all Q-mart items begins February 6 and, new this year, will last for ONE WEEK ONLY, ending February 13 at 5 p.m. (EST in the United States).

It’s not too late to donate an item to Q-Mart. To print a donation form, log on to and click the Q-mart 2009 button

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Getting to Know… Deb

Getting to Know…..

Deb! She isn’t saying how long she’s been in Quota! Her favorite snack is chocolate!

Deb’s favorite movie is “Braveheart”

When asked if she has ever celebrated Christmas in July, she answered no, once a year is enough!

The worst way she can imagine dying would be in a fire. Deb was asked which would be worse? Sinking in quicksand or drowning in water? She replied, sinking in quicksand -it would be slower and more frightening.

What if Deb could live in any period of history? Her answer was, “I like where I am right now.”

Deb’s last question was; what’s your favorite music that your kids and you like? She said they both like modern/contemporary rock.

Thank you to Deb for sharing!

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Did you Hear?

Grand Rapids Quotarians are going to be teaching school children the importance of Healthy Hearing. Join us for a practice run. We need an audience and those willing to practice giving the presentations. For more information call Emily 855-6247.

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Protected: Quotations: February 2009

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Protected: Quotarian of the Year 2009

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Pat & Dumplings

Pat makes Dumplings

These are some photos from my dumpling class.  We chopped vegetables to mix with pork.

We made the flour ‘casings’, then stuffed and stuffed.  It is quite an art getting it all in and took a bit of practice to get some nice ones.  The green ones have water from the vegetables in them.

Stuffing is a bit of an art and it took quite a lot of practice to get some nice ones formed.  Total time for the whole procedure was four hours.  They can be pan-fried, boiled, or steamed in a wok or bamboo steamer (best).  Can you imagine making these every day?  They are a staple here in Shanghai.

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District 20 Conference

Hosted by Iosco County/Tawas Club. Watch for more details

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Central Area Meeting

St. Louis, Missouri

Details now available, click here to read more!

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Installation Banquet

Join us for our special evening meeting in April where our new slate of officers are installed. We’ll be meeting at the Cascade Country Club. Please see the April issue of Quotations for more information. RSVP is required.

Please note: Pictures will be taken of the new Officers to update the blog!

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Lunch Meeting

Join us for our April lunch meeting. Maggie is giving a Hearing Loss Presentation starting at 11:30am. See the April issue of Quotations for more information.

This will be our LAST lunch meeting!

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